Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wedding Colors

When choosing your wedding colors it is important to consider your location, time of year, and which flowers are in season. These factors will determine how hard or easy it will be to implement your wedding colors.

Where to add your wedding colors: invitations, cake, party favors, flowers, guest book, wedding décor, and attire.

Invitations: your invitation is the first indication to your guests what your event is going to be like, whether formal or casual and the color schemes of the event. You can add your wedding colors by the clothes being worn in the pictures on the invitation, the font color, by layering colorful cards, or with damask/swirl designs in the chosen colors.

Flowers and Décor: between your centerpieces and other décor it will be easy to incorporate your wedding colors. Flowers come in almost all shades of every color, but you can also use fabric, feathers, beads, and ribbons to embrace your colors.

Wedding Cake: whether by polka dots, flowers, stripes, or just the icing itself, it is easy to add your wedding colors to you cake. You can also include your wedding colors in what food is being served.

Attire: although most commonly the bride’s gown is white or ivory, you can also add color to the bride by tying a sash around the waist. Wearing colored jewelry and shoes is a fun way to add color and it can create an opportunity for great pictures. Often color is brought into the wedding party by the colored ties, bridesmaid’s dresses, and the flowers being used for boutonnières etc.

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