Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Hows of Wedding Vows

Tips for Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

Wedding Vows can be a scary thing to write. Here are some tips for writing Wedding Vows:

1. Make a Plan.
        Talk to your Fiancé about their expectations. Do you plan on writing them separately and not sharing them until during the ceremony, or would you feel more comfortable going over them before your wedding day?

2. Create an Outline.
         Like with all other types of writing, creating an outline is a great way to organize your thoughts. Start out by writing down the main points that you want to talk about, then put them in the order that you want to say them.

3. Stick to What You Know.
         These should be personal and fit your personality style. Whether you want the tone of your vow to be touching, poetic, or humorous, stick to what you know. If you are not normally a humorous person, your wedding day isn't the best time to start being funny. Make sure you keep your spouse in mind, because these words are truly meant for them!

4. Practice, Practice, Practice.
          Practicing your vows will ensure that they are not too lengthy, but it will also help you feel more comfortable reciting them the day of. If you don't want anyone to hear them, at least practice in front of the mirror and get comfortable with the words.

5. Things to Write About.
          When you first met your Fiancé- tell the story about how you fell in love, tell when you first realized that you were in love, tell about a monumental point in your relationship. It is also nice to explain ways that your world has change because of your Fiancé or what you look forward to in the future. Telling personal stories, whether they are funny or spiritual is a great way to engage your audience and tell them a little bit more about the two of you as a couple.
Lastly- keep a copy of your vows to share with your future children- they will love hearing about it! 
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