Friday, May 4, 2012

Wedding Hairstyles

Things to know when planning your 

Wedding Hairstyle:

1. Take Pictures as you go- when you see pictures online of style you like- print them off, when you see them in a magazine- cut them out, and if you see anything else that you want to remember- take a picture of it. Having pictures of ideas will be a big help.

2. Schedule your appointments early- some hair stylists book up really early. Don't put it off. When scheduling your hair appointment for your wedding day, make sure that you give yourself plenty of time, just in case.

3. Trial and Error- have a trial session with some of your favorite styles. Don't forget to bring you bridal hairpiece to see how it fits in with the different styles. Make sure you speak up and say what you do or don't like and then document what decisions you make (pictures are the best way).

4.Consider what's best- whether you want you hair down or in an updo, consider what the weather will be on your wedding day, consider how long your hair will have to last or if you will have time to freshen it up, and consider what style will fit well with your dress and theme of your wedding. It is best to have no surprises on your wedding day!

Happy Planning!

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