Friday, June 15, 2012

Cake Ideas

Lets face it, it wouldn't be a wedding if there was no wedding cake involved! It is one of the funnest parts of a wedding. There are so many different styles, and shapes to wedding cakes you can truly make it your own. Here are some pictures we found from, hope this helps. Enjoy!

Simple Pleats, different from the normal smooth fondant.
  Flowers between the tiers of the cake give the illusion it is bigger than it actually is.

Multi Colored cake layers are really becoming a hit with brides everywhere, especially if your wedding colors are different shades of one color.

erica obrien succulent wedding cake 
Simple= Elegance. I love the flowers they used on this cake they are so beautiful but simple.

Different designs, can make a eye popping effect and really make the cake stand out, instead of blend in with the rest of the Decor.

 The "Mad Hatter" cakes are definately a different style than the traditional wedding cakes. Very spunky and upbeat, for a more fun wedding setting.

The traditional cascading flowers can make the cake look busy, but simple at the same time. Very Elegant if you are going for a elegant vibe. 

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