Friday, July 13, 2012

10 Wedding Planning Blunders to Avoid

Your wedding is one of the biggest events in your life. Since you don't want anything to go wrong, here are some tips we found on the to help your day run smoothly.

Planning Mistake: Speeding Through Photos

Planning Mistake: Getting Attached to Specific Flower Types

 Planning Mistake: Micromanaging Your Vendors

Planning Mistake: Skipping a Wedding Videographer

Planning Mistake: Blowing Your Fashion Budget On Just the Dress

Planning Mistake: Sending Out Save-The-Dates Too Soon

Planning Mistake: "Hiring" A Friend Instead of a Pro


Planning Mistake: Telling Everyone About Your Wedding


Planning Mistake: Picking Your Attendants Too Early

Planning Mistake: Starting Your Hair and Makeup Too Late
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  2. Thanks for reading and responding, it's nice to know we are helping someone!