Wednesday, October 17, 2012

17 Mistakes to Avoid When Meeting His Family

Most of our posts are tailored to brides but we decided this time to write to the future brides. Most weddings can't happen until you meet the in-laws, here are some tips we found on that we think will help you prepare for meeting his family!


DON’T be late.

DON’T show up wearing nothing.

DON’T get all touchy-feely.

DON’T be high-maintenance

DON’T bring your problems with you.

DON’T forget your manners.
DON’T broach touchy subjects.

DON’T talk behind their backs.

DON’T drink too much (or maybe at all).

DON’T lie. Period.

DON’T avoid talking to his family just because he’s not there to get the conversation started.

DON’T hog his time.

DON’T bring your phone to the dinner table.

DON’T disrespect family rules.

DON’T be fake-nice.

DON’T be a know-it-all.

DON’T overstay your welcome.

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