Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Unique Wedding Flower Ideas

Flowers are often a huge part of your wedding decor. There are always the usual centerpiece flower arrangements but we found these unique wedding flower arrangements here on msn.com Check them out and let us know what you think!! Would you ever do any of these at your wedding??

Striped Swoosh

Borrowed from Italian garden weddings, a striped swoosh of vivid rose petals—"Milva," "Spice," "Versilia," "Free Spirit," "Geisha," "Miss Piggy," "Femma," and "Sweet Eskimo"—adds allure to a patch of green.

A striped floral swoosh under a tree

Perfect Photo Op

Take advantage of a backyard swing by wrapping garlands of carnations around a tree branch. The result: a tempting spot for guests to gather and pose.

Garlands made of red carnations

Fancy Focal Point

Flank your front door, line the aisle, or bookend your driveway with glossy white pedestals topped with orange flower globes. We took a floral foam ball and inserted "Miracle," "Milva," and "Miss Piggy" roses, from lightest to darkest shades, to create an ombré effect.

A white pedestal topped with an orange flower globe

Cute as a Bouton

He'll love this unexpected combo of an anemone with bright yellow sandersonias.

an anemone with bright yellow sandersonias on a jacket lapel 

Carnival Chandelier

Hang a colorful candelabrum in the porch entryway to welcome guests. Cover a wreath frame (available at floral-supply stores) with blue "Dutch" hydrangeas, then use five coordinating shades of ribbon to suspend it from a sturdy hook.

A chandelier made with blue flowers and blue ribbons

Enchanting Tableau

Your wedding's a little bit country, a little bit...global? Combine the two with a charming seating-card station that pairs vintage mini air-mail envelopes with a casual grouping of posies. Place stems like viburnums, double tulips, hyacinths, "Tote" lilies, clematises, lisianthus, umbrella ferns, anemones, gomphrenas, muscari, and succulents in assorted glass bottles for a fresh-from-the-garden look.

A variety of flower stems in assorted glass bottles

Hanging Garden

Your wedding cake becomes the showstopping focal point of a sunny spring celebration when it perches beneath swaying spheres of button and daisy mums. Hot-glue flower heads to wire frames (available at floral-supply stores), then suspend them from tree branches with yellow ribbon.

Yellow flowers glued onto wire spheres 

Love Seat

Hang garlands of blue hyacinths on the bride's and groom's chair backs to add fairy-tale flair to your fete. They're easy (if time-consuming) to make: Use a needle and sturdy thread to string together individual florettes.

Blue flower garlands on the back of a chair 

Top Hat

Who says a boutonniere has to be worn on a lapel? Your trilby-wearing groom could pin a few magenta gomphrena blooms to his brim.

A woven top hat 

Stunning Centerpiece

A monochromatic bouquet in a vibrant mix of "Yves Piaget" roses, nerines, dahlias, and anemones doubles as a festive reception centerpiece. If the stems are cut evenly, it can be stabilized with a pin frog (a heavy metal disc with a spiky top, available at floral-supply stores).

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