Monday, February 4, 2013

Tres Sugar's 2013 "Wow-Worthy Wedding Ideas"

We found these 2013 "Wow-Worthy Wedding Ideas" here on Some of them we thought were great ideas and others weren't our favorite. What do you think? Which of them would you consider? 


Tell Your Love Story With Your Cake

Pastrychik wedding cake designer Rheena Sy said silhouettes on cakes is the next big thing, along with more personalization. This cake, for instance, tells the couple's love story from first date to wedding day using simple colors and design.



Become Movie Stars With a 3D Wedding Video

What do you get when you mix Hollywood cameramen, the 3D technology used for The Hobbit, and your wedding day? A wedding video of the future! The future is now, according to Sasha from Golden Gate 3D, who says that while a 3D wedding video is a luxury item (a full package can run you $15,000), the bang's worth your buck. You get a 2D video and a 3D video, and you don't even have to hire a photographer! The company will pull out stills from the video for a collection of high-quality wedding photos. And in case you're wondering, no — you will not look fat in 3D. If anything, you should look thinner!


Make Your Tablescapes Memorable With Sequined Chevron Table Runners

It doesn't get much more fun or trendy than sequined table linens with a chevron pattern. La Tavola Linens had a table-runner version (they also come in full tablecloths) of this new style on display at the show, and it made me want to get married again just to use them! Laurel from La Tavola said that clean and classic linens are coming back in style (bye bye, burlap), but that doesn't mean you can't have fun with sparkle.


Glam Up Your Wedding Gown With Lots of Sparkle

Jin Wang, owner of Jin Wang bridal atelier, said she's seeing sparkle done in a nontraditional way on wedding dresses. She had a variety of sequined, crystal-encrusted, and beaded sheaths from her boutique on display at the fair, and these sensual frocks would up the glam factor at any wedding.



Give Your Dessert an Unconventional Twist With a Gelato Cart

Sweet Springs Rentals was on hand at the fair serving up gelato from its cart. The company offers a variety of quirky services for dishing up treats to your wedding guests, including an Italian-style espresso bar and a margarita machine! John, the owner, said the gelato cart is especially popular with the kids, and it's the perfect icebreaker, as it gets guests interacting with each other.


Get Your Guests Glittery With Gilded Cake Pops

You know it's a good party when your guests leave covered in glitter, which is exactly what happens if you serve these gilded cake pops from Sweet Lauren Cakes. Don't worry — the glitter is completely edible, and Lauren says that's just one of many creative cake pop ideas. There's funfetti (a recent trend in the cake-pop world) and even "people pops" with custom-designed faces of the bride and groom. Bonus: the face pops can be used as photo-booth props!

Swap Metal For Wood Wedding Bands

Brian Wachs of Elegant Woodworking Gifts showed off an unusual twist on the platinum wedding band — a handcrafted bent-wood ring made by steaming the wood. They may not last as long as their metal counterparts, but these unique and affordable ($120 with a box) rings are made from recycled wood and are sealed with an airline epoxy for durability.


Make a Statement With One Type of Flower

Ariel from Floramor said that it's all about keeping florals simple in 2013. Texture is just as important than the type of flower, and choosing just one — like baby's breath — makes an impact.



Spice Up Your Cupcakes With Tea or Spice Flavors

Alexandria from Sibby's Cupcakery gave us the scoop on the up-and-coming flavors in wedding cupcakes: spices and teas (like spiced chai). Other fresh flavors include grapefruit, salted caramel, and breakfast-inspired mixes like french toast.

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