Monday, February 18, 2013

Wedding Dessert Ideas

As a guest at a wedding I am always drawn to the dessert table. Who isn't right?? I have often been amazed by the food but not always. There are so many different dessert trends going around these days that it's always hard to decide what to do. Here are some dessert ideas we found here on What do you think of these ideas? What are your ideas of the perfect the wedding desserts?

Fruit Parfaits

If a heavier sit-down dinner was served earlier in the night, the last thing guests will want is a rich, decadent dessert. Instead, offer a sweet treat like these colorful parfaits, which are just as easy on the eyes as they are to eat.


Chocolate Mousse Shots

A chocolate bar dipped in a whipped mousse and served in a shot glass makes a sweet ending.


Whipped Cream and Espresso

A bold espresso topped with whipped cream will get guests out of their food coma and back out on the dance floor.


Mini Sorbet Cones

When it comes to hard-to-eat foods, go miniature. Raspberry-flavored mini sorbet cones are so much easier to handle than the original version.


Chocolate Milkshakes

Leave your guests with a bit of nostalgia, by serving this childhood treat in a smaller version.


Cherry-Topped Cheesecakes

Nothing says summer quite like cherry cheescake, and these bite-size treats are just the thing. Cheesecake cups displayed on a doily are the perfect complement to an intimate down-home reception.


Old-Fashioned Popcorn Balls

Celebrate your childhood favorites with trays of popcorn balls in a variety of flavors (think: cheese, caramel, and cinnamon). 


Fast-Food French Fries

Have a guilty-pleasure food? This couple served up the groom's choice — McDonald's French fries — but you could pick any sweet or salty treat from your favorite fast-food spot.


Treat-Filled Take-Out Boxes

We love the idea of handing out take-out boxes (complete with your monogram!) for guests to fill up and take home. Package them ahead of time or let guests pick what they want from a dessert bar.


Doughnuts and Milk

Serving up shot-size drinks with bite-size snacks is so hot right now. This couple paired mini doughnuts with a shot of milk, but we've also seen it done with mini PB&Js, and even with small Oreos.

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