Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wedding Favor Ideas

When I attend weddings I love to see all the different favor ideas people come up with. Some favors are edible, some just for looks, and some can actually be useful to you in your everyday lives. We found these 10 wedding favor ideas here on Weddings by Lilly. What is your idea of the perfect wedding favor?

1. Tiny Apothecary Bottles

Use petite bottles as flower vases to make cute little floral gifts that also dress up the reception tables. Although this idea might seem a little pricey, it is also part of your flower budget, and they double as pretty little place card holders. That’s 3 in 1! These would be particularly stunning for a vintage or rustic style wedding. Visit joblake’s Etsy Shop to see more details. You can also buy several different styles of small vases at wholesale prices and do it yourself!

2. Birdseed Hearts

A truly unique and eco-friendly way to say “thank you” to your loved ones. These are fun and easy diy wedding favors that they will truly remember, but can also be done on a very small budget. It’s simple, but oh so sweet! Visit Intimate Weddings for instructions.

3. Infused Sugar Canisters

This is a fun way to personalize your gifts with your favorite ingredients or your regions specialty, such as an exotic fruit. You can also use ingredients like coffee beans, citrus fruits, or lavender. You’ll want to zest your fruit or fine grind the lavender or coffee beans and layer it with your sugar in a sealed glass container. The sugar has to sit for a week or so in order to absorb the flavors. Garnish it however you’d like, and voila! The flavored sugar makes for a fabulous glass rim garnish or addition to a favorite cookie recipe; adding a hint of flavor. For full instructions visit Sugar and Charm.

4. Homemade Cookies Wrapped With Love

Have a favorite cookie or brownie recipe you’d like to share? Consider baking up some love to share with your guests. The trick to making it unique is in the packaging, like this cd envelope which showcases the cookie quite nicely. Use twine or ribbon with a nice tag to spruce it up. I found this idea on HGTV’s Party Favor Ideas.

5. Rustic Favor Bags

These are so stinkin’ cute! You can fill them with your wedding favor of choice; anything from candy to tiny gifts. They are perfect for an outdoor rustic wedding theme. You can buy burlap supplies wholesale and create  your own unique designs, or even easier, purchase these already pre-made from the Trendy Cottage Etsy Shop. If you like these, you might also want to check out my Burlap & Lace Wedding post for more inspiration.

6. Donut Holes

After a night of eating, drinking, and dancing, there’s no way these wouldn’t be a hit! You can purchase them from your local donut shop, or make them yourself. I like how these ones are wrapped in paper doilies, making them seem like a little gourmet treat. Visit Ruffled for the yummy recipe.

7. S’mores Kits

We all know the 3 ingredients that make up a delicious S’mores. Now, all you have to do is package them up in cellophane bags to make individual servings, and you’ve got a sweet little wedding favor!

8. Succulents

One of the greatest little plants on earth! They are so hardy and easy to take care of, too. Consider planting your own individual succulents in the container of your choice, and using them as place card holders at the reception. For instructions and more ideas visit my DIY Succulent Wedding Favors Page.

9. Fresh Fruit

It’s different, it’s creative, and it’s yummy! Choose fruit that is in season and you’ve got an instant hit. Click here for more fruit wedding favor ideas. I especially like the idea of individual bags of ripe cherries or strawberries.

10. Personalized Hugs & Kisses

Everybody loves chocolate! Personalized kisses are a cute and yummy gift to send your wedding guests away with. You can package them up nicely in a jar, small bag, or wedding favor box, and then maybe attach a sweet little note.

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