Tuesday, June 18, 2013

How To Throw a Guest Friendly Wedding

Want your guests to enjoy your wedding? Even though you want your wedding to be all about you and your groom, you still want your guests to enjoy their time. Here are some fun, different activities to keep your guests entertained. These ideas came to us from tressugar.com.

Play With Your Food
From taco trucks to ice cream bars, having your guests participate in the food is fun for them and usually less expensive than a sit-down dinner.

Parade on Wheels
Instead of a limo or dealing with valet parking, take a cue from this wedding and rent bikes for all your guests to head to the reception from the ceremony!

Get Cartooned
Try this twist on the photo booth and hire an artist to draw caricatures of your guests!

Hit the Lanes
An old bowling alley makes for a funky-cool reception location and gives your guests a fun activity to boot.

Clown Around
Turn your wedding bash into a carnival with entertainment like a ferris wheel, popcorn machines, and ring toss games.

Play Dress Up
Whether it's costumes at a Halloween wedding or just hats and props for the reception, guests love an excuse to dress up. This wedding had a Beatles theme: "Sgt. Pepper Pool Party."

Say Cheese
The easiest way to give your guests something fun to do is by having a photo booth at your reception. You can even create your own like at this wedding with just a tripod and a curtained off space or closet. Be sure to stock it full of props and costumes and have copies of the photo stripes made for your guests to bring home as a keepsake.

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