Thursday, July 18, 2013

11 Amazing Wedding Cake Trends to Use This Year

We found these trendy wedding cake ideas here on Check them out and let us know which one is your favorite! Do you have any wedding cake ideas that you are absolutely loving this season??

The More the Merrier

What could be better than a gorgeous cake on your dessert table? Three gorgeous cakes, of course! Instead of one larger confection, consider offering multiple cakes in smaller sizes. It'll give you the option to serve more than one flavor, and guests will marvel at your abundant dessert spread.

What's On the Inside Counts

Who says the outside of your wedding cake should have all the fun? Let the inside take center stage with vibrant colors (like these red velvet slices) and even striped layers.

Add Fresh Flowers

Give your cake a garden-fresh look by adorning it with lush blooms in colors that match your palette.

Shrink It Down

These days, couples have been opting out of the traditional wedding cake in favor of bite-sized cupcakes. Elevate them by displaying on a tiered tray, or embellish them with sparkling sprinkles like we did here.

Update A Classic

Put a fresh spin on a tried-and-true favorite to make your cake a crowd-pleasing standout. This red-velvet cake is brought to life with ombre layers that range from pink to crimson.

Top with Candy

When arranged in intricate patterns, bright candy embellishments look more like crown jewels than edible treats. This otherwise-simple cake is dressed to the nines in colorful jellybean garlands.

Make It Shimmer

A tiered wedding cake with metallic details is equal parts modern and glamorous. This gilded confection was made by pressing rectangles of edible gold leaf onto fondant.

Try a New Material

Venture off the beaten path with a "non-cakey" cake. This tall-tiered treat is made with whisper-thin crêpes and can be layered with mouthwatering fillings like chestnut, espresso, chocolate, or vanilla.


Try Individual Servings

Not quite cakes, and not quite cupcakes, these single-serving treats are fun alternatives to the traditional wedding dessert. Be sure to have small boxes on hand so guests can take home extras.

Choose Chocolate

For the decadent dessert-loving couple, an all-chocolate wedding cake is the way to go. This four-tiered confection was drizzled with melted white, milk, and dark chocolate for a variety of sweet flavors.

The Bolder the Better

Wedding cakes don’t have to be "all dressed in white." Make your dessert table a focal point with a cake that plays up bright colors and punchy patterns, like this scalloped ombre beauty.

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