Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fall Color Palettes

We are so excited for Fall here at the Castle Manor, mainly because we love to see all the different ways people decorate their fall weddings. We have been searching for fall wedding color palettes and we've come across a couple we like. Once again they both kind of go along with the gold theme we've talked about in some of our recent posts. The colors are Fig, Camel, Antique Gold and White as shown below.  We found them here on The Perfect Palette. There are so many great ideas on this site for every color you could imagine, check it out for more ideas!

The second one we found was themed "Little Classic Bride" and the colors were Black, Antique Gold, Silver & White. I love the classy feel this event has to it. My favorite thing probably has to be the polka dots that are projected on the walls. You can use black and gold anytime of the year but fall and winter are usually my favorite times to see it.

Black, Antique Gold, Silver + White
Black, Antique Gold, Silver + White

What do you think of the color palettes we've shown you today? Another great thing I love about both of these palettes is that you can use some of your wedding decorations to decorate your house after the wedding. With these colors all being fairly neutral and nothing too crazy they would be easy to use in the home. Why not take care of your wedding decor and home decor all at once?!

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