Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wedding Budget Tips

When planning your wedding budget, here are the categories that you will have to include: 

Beauty, Health & Fitness: This is a small portion but not to be overlooked. Consider your hair, nails, make-up, possibly a gym pass to get to a goal weight or teeth whitening.
Bridal Attire: This is one of your largest cost categories which includes everything from Bridal Gown (don't forget the cost any alterations that are needed) with veil and accessories to the bridal party (bridesmaids, flower girl, groomsmen, and parents of the bride & groom) and the Tuxedo for the groom.
Cake and Catering: Usually provided by different companies, but there are a few places that do full services including cake and any additional items you can think of.
Decorations: If you pick the right venue, many items are included with the chance for possible upgrades at a discounted price.
Flowers: For some this means just the bridal bouquet and boutonnières or it could include centerpieces.
    Don't forget that if you are taking Pre-Bridal photos, you will want a bridal bouquet for those photos.
Gifts: If you are going to do party favors, if you think ahead, you can save a lot of money by making something by hand. Can be a fun craft night for you and your bridesmaids and it can be a personal gift that your guests will not forget.
Invitations: To save money, some Bride's are going with internet invitations. This is a new trend, so at this point it is hard to truly determine how successful this option is.
Music and Entertainment: You can always make a playlist on an iPod or CD to save money for this.
Photography/Videography: This category is not to be overlooked. The pictures and videos you have are going to be what you use in the future to help you remember this day! Very important!
Venue: What venue you choose can set the mood for your event. Make sure you consider size (nothing worse than not having enough room for your guests) and flexibility of your venue to be able to achieve your desired event.

Things you must not over look when planning your event:

The Entryway:

Although often overlooked, your entryway is the first thing that your guests see as they enter an event and it is a great way to set the mood for your event.  The entryway does not need a lot of decor though, so a little can go a long way.


The Venue:
 When you choose to get married sets the scene for your wedding, whether it is in the woods for those who likes outdoors, or at a special place where the bride and groom fell in love, or simply a beautiful reception center that will set a great background for your event.  Your venue can offer you a lot to work with. Check your venue for what decor they have to rent. You can use them as a way to save money in other budget categories.

Lighting has a dramatic effect on the mood of your event.  Harsh light changes the quality of you pictures and may cause harsh tones on your decor.  The right lighting can really add to your decor.  At Castle Manor, all of our lights are ran on dimmers so you can choose your level of lighting.  Adding twinkle or gobo lights can also be a great option.


A Lounge Area:

Having a place for your guests to sit and mingle either during dance breaks, or just in between the activities of your reception.   Whether you simply use some reception chairs or look into renting couches, it is a perfect addition to your event.

Splurging on a few things can really make an event memorable for not only the bride and groom, but for the guests as well.

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