Friday, October 24, 2014

Holiday Engagements

With the holidays right around the corner, this post is to the many couples who have or will get engaged over the holidays.

First for the Groom:

         Ask the bride's father for approval, get an engagement ring, and plan and carryout proposal!
And for the Bride-to-be:
         Say YES!
Then depending on how long your engagement will be can change your timeline quite a bit so use this information according to how it best fits your circumstances.

6+ Months before the Big Day:

  • Decide on your wedding date
  • Review wedding budget
  • Select and reserve reception center
  • Plan a color scheme/theme of event
  • Choose bridesmaids and groomsman
  • If you are planning 8+ months in advance
    • Consider sending out a "save the date" notification
  • Begin guest list
  • Check requirements for marriage license
    • Possibly have to order a new birth certificate
3-6 Months before the Big Day:
  • Shop for wedding dress/grooms attire
    • Select bridesmaids and groomsman attire
  • Select cake decorator, photographer, videographer, caterer, florist
    • Take engagement photos
  • Bridal registry selection
  • Design and order invitations
  • Make honeymoon arrangements
1-3 Months before the Big Day:
  • Finalize guest list and address invitations
  • Plan reception, food, decor
  • Plan menu and finalize wedding cake order
  • Get bridals taken
  • Schedule any hair/nail appointments
  • Figure out health insurance/health check-ups
Last Month before wedding day:
  • Get marriage license
  • Confirm ALL arrangements
  • Order photos for reception
  • Send invitations
  • Prepare any wedding speeches or vows
Day before the Big Day:
  • Get manicure/pedicure, possibly a massage
  • Put everything you will need the following day together
  • RELAX and go to bed early!
After the Big Day:
  • Return rental items
  • Freeze top layer of cake
  • Open gifts and keep a list
    • Send thank you notes
  • Change your name and all necessary documents

This is meant to be an overview, not a list of every item! 
Happy Planning!

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