Friday, October 17, 2014

Who Pays for What?

When planning a wedding there are often misconceptions on who pays for what. In this post we will go over who traditionally pays for what. Keep in mind that it is not that simple, and this information is not meant to be a set of "rules" but merely a guideline to start a discussion will all of those involved. Both parties involved in your budget need to feel comfortable with who is paying for each item.

Groom's Wedding Ring
Dr Check Up-physical and possible blood tests
Gifts for groom and her attendants
Possible accommodations for attendants

Bride's Family:
Bridal attire and accessories
Flowers for reception or ceremony and brides attendants
Ceremony location fee and decorations
Music for wedding events
Invitations and announcements
Party Favors for guests
Transportation/parking fees- if expense occurs
- rental of event center
- caterer or food and drink involved with reception
- wedding cake
- decorations/backdrop for reception

Bride's Wedding Ring
Gift for Bride and his attendants
Possible accommodations for attendants
Marriage License
Officiant fee

Groom's Family:
Personal wedding attire
Personal travel and hotel expenses
Wedding gift
Rehearsal dinner or banquet
- (often a breakfast/lunch served right before or immediately after ceremony)

Items that are to be paid by Groom's side, 
sometimes by groom or his parents:
Groom's tuxedo
Attire for groom's attendants
Flowers for:
- Bride's bouquet
- Possible Ushers
- Groom and Groomsmen
- Mother's, Fathers, and Grandparents

Personal travel, attire and accessories
Bachelor party/Bridal shower
Wedding gift

This is how items of a wedding budget are traditionally divided, keep in mind that you and your in-laws need to start off on good terms so find what works for everyone financially involved.

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