Monday, November 3, 2014

Shopping for your Wedding Gown

Before going shopping for your wedding gown, it is important to understand what you are looking for:

  • Look in books, magazines, through Facebook- at others dresses, and on Pinterest.
    • Having photos of things you are looking for in a dress can aid the bridal shops you visit to pull out options that fit your wants.
  • What fabric do you like?
    • Chiffon, velvet, lace, satin, taffeta, organza, tulle
  • What style do you want?
    • Formal or casual
    • Extravagant beading or simple
  • What type of dress will fit your body type:
    • A-line, princess, mermaid, ball gown, column, empire, sheath
      • Sometimes you may have to try on the styles to know what looks best
  • What will be the temperature of your wedding day?
  • What color do you want your gown?
    • Traditionally this will be white or ivory?
    • Some brides choose to wear a colored sash to match their wedding colors
Other things for you to consider:
  • Make a budget for gown
  • Try to purchase your dress 2-3 months before your wedding day so that you have plenty of time for any necessary alterations
  • Make sure you do a final fitting with all accessories before your wedding day.
  • If you are doing Bridal Photos, make sure you dress will be complete 1-3 weeks prior to your big day. It may be necessary for you to get your dress cleaned after your bridals are taken.
Bridal Accessories:
  • What type of headpiece are you looking for:
    • Veil, hat, flowers, combs, pearl or crystal hair pins, tiara's
  • Jewelry that will match the style of your wedding gown
  • Shoes- make sure you have purchased these before your first gown fitting
    • Your dress length will have to include your height with your shoes on.
  • New Bra- Just like your shoes, make sure the bra you wear to your fittings will be the same one as the big day
  • Garter
Check out our next post- The Pins of the Week will all be Wedding Dresses!
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