Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Rules For a Good Marriage

Getting married is such an exciting time in life and you want that excitement to last forever. Here's a few "Rules" for a good marriage we picked out from on an article on that might help keep your relationship close.  

Myth: Never go to bed angry. If you don't hash through every conflict right away, it'll lead to resentment and ultimately blowups.
New rule: Sleep on it. Conflicts are best dealt with when you have calmed down and are well rested.

Myth: One day the two of you will just realize you've grown apart and fallen out of love.
New rule: A marriage doesn't run on feelings — it thrives because both spouses work hard on it.

Myth: When the kids leave home, there will be nothing left to keep your marriage together.
New rule: Your marriage can flourish in that new freedom.

Myth: Every guy has a midlife crisis — any day, your spouse will drive off in a new red sports car.
New rule: It's not a crisis — and it's not just for men.  

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