Monday, December 1, 2014

Let Them Eat Cake

Tips for planning your wedding cake:

What do you want from your cake?

  • Are you serving your cake to your guests?
    • If so, what is your number of guests:_____________
    • Who will serve your cake? 
      • Does your caterer offer this service or do you have family/friend who will do it.
  • If you are not serving it to your guests, will you want all of the cake layers to be real cake?
    • Some pay do a rice crispy layer or styrofoam if not intending to serve.
      • This option can save money but not all decorators will give this option.
  • What type of cake do you want? What flavor?
    • All layers the same flavor?
  • Do you want any filling in the cake?
  • Type of cake?
    • Flat or multiple tiers
  • Shape of cake?
  • Frosting?
    • Buttercream or fondant
  • Color  of frosting
  • Design on cake?
  • Will a cake knife be included with the cake purchase?
  • Does your cake decorator include the cake stand for the cake?
  • Do they deliver the cake?
  • If your event will be outside, will your cake make it through the heat?
  • Are you wanting a cake topper?

Here are a few things to consider and be ready to ask or answer when meeting with your Cake Decorator!

***Pictures shown are some beautiful cakes from events at Castle Manor***
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