Saturday, November 29, 2014

How to Choose an Officiant

Do you need an officiant for your ceremony?

The decision of choosing an officiant for your wedding is an important one. Although the ceremony is often slightly overlooked, it is the reason for the whole celebration! Your officiant set the mood for the entire ceremony. Here are some things to consider when making your big decision:

  • Is he/she available for your wedding day?
    • Although this is a given, it is important that your officiant will not be rushing trying to make it to your ceremony on time.
  • Choose an officiant based on what type of ceremony would you like?
    • Do you have traditions or religious beliefs you would like to be a part of your ceremony.
    • Some officiants are short and simple, some set a spiritual emotional tone which could bring your guests to tears and other officiants turn to humor to engage the audience.
  • Interview your officiant. 
    • Are they able to reflect your values and belief?
    • Do they know you personally or will they time to get to know you a little beforehand?
    • Are they a good fit for the type of ceremony you are hoping for?
    • What do they typically wear while officiating?
    • Do they have a loud voice or know how to use a microphone correctly?
    • Can you say your own personal vows?
  • Do you feel comfortable with your officiant and like his/her personality?
  • Are there any pre-marital requirements that the officiant has?
  • Will they be able to officiate at the location that you want your ceremony?
    • Are they registered to officiate at that location?
  • Ask about any fees for officiating?  

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